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    Kim Puls
    FBDI template issues
    Topic posted March 7, 2019 by Kim PulsSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points, tagged Financials 
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    FBDI template issues
    Anyone having issues with the FBDI template after the 19A upgrade?



    • Alan Rowland

      Which template?  We've downloaded the new ones.

    • Dom Galano

      Customer upload template is not working for us.

    • Kim Puls

      My isn't the FBDi's the ADFdi - add-on that is causing the issue. Our IT dept said the following:

      "May want to try this to correct the issue:
      The Add-in is dependent upon a specific spreadsheet/file and only functions with that file.
      Enabling the add-on for all files isn't efficient.
      The Add-in is being blocked as a result of a recent Excel security update.

      Created a Com Add-ins button on the ribbon.
      Clicking the button opens the Com Add-ins enable/disable box.
      Manually enable the Oracle Add-in to establish the spreadsheet's external database connection.:

      Does this make any sense...or should it be a SR?


      University of Wyoming

    • Miki

      The ADFdi upgrade process can be problematic, Mostly end users don't close Excel after upgrade or they leave other tabs open.  Of course no one has network administrator access, so we have to coordinate with our IT team to push out the new version over the weekend of the upgrade, plus we have users on VDI and they have to go through a whole reset process. I am going to check out that document, perhaps it will help!