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    Amy Chan
    Credit Note refer to Invoice in AP
    Topic posted November 29, 2018 by Amy ChanSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points, last edited January 30, 2019, tagged Payables 
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    Credit Note refer to Invoice in AP
    Credit Note refer to Invoice in AP

    Hi all,

    In EBS R12 version, there is a "Credit Invoice" field which refer to the invoice number when I create credit note in AP.

    For example: Inv#001 and the invoice amount is 1000

                          CN#001 and the credit amount is -10 and there should be a link to Inv#001

    But now how can I do the same in cloud AP.

    Please kindly advice.



    • Becky Alvarez


      Once you enter the header and line information, you would select the correct matched or correct unmatched depending of if the invoice is matched to a Purchase Order/Receipt from the drop down menu right above the lines section then select the invoice(s) you want to associate the credit memo with.  In my example, I chose a non matched invoice and only one but you can choose one or more invoices and only associate some or all of the credit memo to the invoice.  Then to apply the credit, when you run your payment process, you select apply credits up to zero payments and the credits will be picked up. 

      • Becky Alvarez

        Search for your invoice(s)

      • Anonymousposted November 30, 2018
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        • Becky Alvarez

          Select enter amount to apply to credit then click Apply and//or OK.

          • Amy Chan

            Hi Becky,

            In your example, if you inquiry the invoice#CMBFA-001, would it be possible to see a credit note for this invoice? I have tried and don't see the credit note invoice in the invoice however I definitely can see the invoice # in the credit note that I was created.

            Please advice.



    • Amy Chan

      This is what I think too.