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    Oracle Self Service Procurement Cloud: How you can make...
    Topic posted April 26, 2018 by AshokBlack Diamond: 60,000+ Points, tagged Create Requisition, How-To, Manage Procurement Catalog, Tip 
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    Oracle Self Service Procurement Cloud: How you can make Information Templates work for you
    How to use Information Templates in your requisitioning process

    What are Information Templates:

    A. Information templates can be used to enhance your smart forms with additional details required for the request. An example is business cards, which would require users to provide additional information such as: name, title, contact information, etc.

    B. In addition, you can use information templates to capture additional information for individual items, or for a category of items. An example is chemical components, which would require users to provide: purpose, solution, acidity, alkalinity, etc.

    Implementing Information Templates:

    Information templates are based on descriptive flexfields. Use the task 'Manage Information Template Descriptive Flexfields; in Funtional Setup Manager (FSM). Create global segments and/or context segments based on your requirements

    Note: You need to use the 'deploy' feature in order to affect the setup changes on requisitions.

    Creating Information Templates:

    As a Catalog Manager, you can create and manage Information Templates that can be used on Requisitions, Smart Forms etc.

    A. From the Catalogs Workarea, use the Manage Information Templates task

    B. Create a new information template in the context of the Procurement BU in which you wish to use the template

    C. In the Attribute List field select the Context Segment that applies for the information template. You may choose to associate this information template to a category or to an item. In this case, when you add the item to the cart, the Additional Information window is displayed with the global and context segments. In addition, an icon will be displayed in the Edit Requisition page under the Additional Information column of the requisition lines table.

    D. Optionally, you can associate this information template to a Smart Form. A Smart Form can have as many information templates as you need for your business. When the smart form is presented to the user to request the item, the Additional Information Region is displayed in the form. The context segments are displayed as separate regions, and the global segments are displayed at the top of the context region.

    Implementation Considerations:

    Information templates are saved as attachments of the requisition and purchase order. The attachment category can be either "To Supplier" or "To Buyer", which you select at the time you define the information template. Any time your business needs to carry these details to a purchase order, remember to use the attachment category 'To Buyer'.



    • Haydee Mercado

      Hi Ashok-

      We tried to use this Smart Form connected to Information Template when creating a Requisition. And information was successfully showed on Requisition and on the auto generated PO at PO line level as an attachment. However our problem or question is, when we setup the attachment category To Buyer and To Supplier how does this attachment process sent to the Buyer /Supplier? we are expecting it as a normal attachment on an email but we didn't see it.

      We might looking it the wrong way or we might be missing some configuration. Your inputs will be highly appreciated.


      Thank you!


    • Ashok

      Hi Haydee

      In this context, I am assuming your scenario is:
      You create a smart form. That smart form has an information template associated. That smart form also has attachments associated.

      Now you use that smart form and create a requisition.

      Designed behavior:

      1. The information template details should be displayed in the requisition as an icon

      2. The attachments from the Smart Form definition should show up as Line level attachments on the requisition

      3. When you convert this to a purchase order and the attachment category is To Supplier or To Buyer, the corresponding attachments will be sent to them

      4. The supplier and buyer can access these attachments on the actual purchase order document in the application and if the email supports attachments then there as well

      Now to your questions:

      When you say you don't see these attachments on the email, can you confirm you are referring to the attachments from the Smart Form definition?

      Can you see those attachments on the requisition line?

      Can you see other attachments that you directly attach to a requisition line on your email notification and the only ones missing are the ones from the smart form?

      If you don't see any attachments at all, let us know too.

      • Haydee Mercado

        Hi Ashok-

        We actually don't have a setup attachment on our smart form config. 

        I have attached a document of what we have setup on our Smart form and Information Template and how we are using it during PR to PO and what we are seeing on the line level for both PO and PR. Please help to review.



    • Ashok

      Thanks Haydee for the details. What you see in the requisition, the purchase order are identical text file attachments that are a summary of the Information Template details. The format and details that the supplier sees is identical to this. It will be an attachment and of format text and when they open, it will contain the information template field details that the requester originally populated. There is not a different layout or format or content that is designed to be seen by the supplier or by the buyer.

      • Haydee Mercado

        Hi Ashok-

        So how does the Supplier or Buyer received this text attachment? is it by a email attachment? If yes, is there any other config that we need to check because currently we can't see the attachment included on the email being sent.



        • s k

          Hi Haydee,

          The information template details will be printed on the PO pdf in the PO line region.


    • Ashok

      Oh I see. Ok, thanks for that clarification. So, DFF related details are not attached to the Email or BIP notifications. That is not designed.  Information Templates also using the same Descriptive Flexfields infrastructure, these attachments do find their way online (like I said before) but the email versions are not designed to display these at this time. 

    • Haydee Mercado

      Hi Ashok-

      Thank you so much on your help really appreciate it. smiley



    • Ashok

      Glad to help. You helped first by clearly articulating the requirement with the attached document. So, thanks.