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    Melissa Stewart
    19D Requisition Approval tasks
    Topic posted November 7, 2019 by Melissa StewartGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, tagged Approvals, Approvals/Notification 
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    19D Requisition Approval tasks
    19D Requisition Approval tasks

     The Requisition approval tasks in 19D have changed since 19C. The Approval History does not show the history or future approvers like they previously have. For each task, the Approval history only shows the initiator and the approver it is currently with.

    The email approval notifications show the same information, only the current approver. 

    Is this a known change or is there anything we need to do to resolve this?




    • Ashok


      If this is something you can wait on a response on, I can check internally and revert. Else, do consider creating an SR and refer to this post. We can triage it that way too. In any event, I will try and see what I can find. I have not heard this behavior change from any other customers at this time.

    • Ashok

      Hello Customers, 

      I did follow up on this issue internally. The revert from the concerned team is posted below:


      Both are related to Bug 30510156 - ISSUE IN BIP ACTION HISTORY REGION 

      The underlying issue seems to be because of a customized connections.xml in MDS and we are following up with LCM on this.


      Please follow the bug for more details.

    • Ashok

      A workaround has also been suggested:

      Create and set BIP_FORCE_ENABLE_CACHE_HISTORY profile option to false. You may wish to contact support if you need help on creating and setting this profile option.

      Hope this helps.



    • Andrei Feleaga

      Dear Melissa,

      This is Andrei from Support.

      Indeed we are aware of the issue, see: PRC:SSP: 19D Complete Requisition Approval History Not Shown In Approval Notifications (Doc ID 2608171.1)

      DO you have an SR raised for this? If not, can you please raise one and advise the referrence here please?

      Without having the workaround enabled, if you can document behavior on the SR for a Requisition and share details on SR?


      Best regards,