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    Ashutosh Garg
    Chat should be in iframe to be persistent
    Topic posted September 19, 2018 by Ashutosh GargRed Ribbon: 250+ Points 
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    Chat should be in iframe to be persistent
    Chat should be persistent while moving to new page


    I want my chat to be persistent while I am moving to different pages on my portal. One way I thought chat widget should be called in iframe, but it is not OOTB. So if there is anyone who implemented the same can share some code block.





    • Luuk

      You can just use a pop up window to get a chat to stay visible.

    • Kev

      We have developed a Modal Chat solution that uses the standard chat functionality and can be embedded into your external website and/or OSC portal. It has a one-off implementation cost, so reach out if interested.

    • Willie Eide

      We have brand new Chat functionality coming OOTB very, very soon. 
      This chat is persistent across page turns as well as across your website.
      Here is a sneak preview of the chat screen.

      • Jess Campbell

        Thanks Willie!

      • Nisar

        That sounds exciting. Will look forward to it.

      • Ashutosh Garg

        Hey Willie,

        We have to implement persistent chat. Any update on this?


        • Willie Eide

          Inlays is generally available with the delivery of 18D. We had to hook it to a particular release due to required endpoints that needed to be in place. Technically you might be able to go all the way back to 18B, but I would suggest the most recent version of CX.


          • Ashutosh Garg

            Hi Willie, I know about Inlay chat but the problem with this is we can not modify its look and feel i.e. we can not apply any CSS to make it similar to our UI. Can you please suggest something in that direction?


            • Willie Eide

              Our initial delivery of Inlays is an MVP which does have some limitations. Inlays are build to be isolated within a page so that any changes to the page and/or any changes to the Inlay will not bleed into each other. At some point, customers will be able to manipulate the full CSS via the theme as it appears in OJET. This manipulation can be done, but is more developer focused until such time we can build an administration panel that allows for easier changes.

              In the meantime, we did ship 10 different themes to try to create a way for the theme of the Inlay to match your UI. Might this be acceptable for the time being?

              Themes can be found at:
              where the "ThemeName" can be one of the following: 

              • alta
              • autumn
              • coffee
              • crimson
              • dijon
              • emerald
              • indigo
              • lilac
              • midnight
              • plum
              • shipyard


              • Willie Eide

                I should also mention that the above URL is to be referenced in the script tag with the attribute "data-oit-theme-url".

                I promise more (and better) documentation is coming soon.

              • Ashutosh Garg

                Thanks for the prompt update Willie. I will look into it hoping this might work for us. But meanwhile if we want to apply our custom made CSS as per our already designed theme, is that possible in Inlay for now. I know you said you guys are planning to provide admin panel to do such things but I was wondering if by using some customization we can achieve this for now.


                • Willie Eide

                  Not at this present time. 
                  Feel free to ping me directly as I would like to know what CSS changes you are looking at making.



    • Andrew Wooster

      Willie, any incite as to when this will be available?  We are in the beginning phases of possibly implementing persistent chat through a vendor and if I could tell my boss to wait so we could save money I'd earn a bunch of brownie points...



      • Willie Eide

        I am running with early adopters in the month of October and doing a "slow roll" regarding adoption.
        As this is a new product, I am cautious to unleash it among the 2200+ customers. 

        I have a customer commit in the first release of 2019, but I am truly hoping to have a "soft grand opening" before mid-November.

    • Nisar

      To add to what Luuk posted, all you need to do is add a new attribute to the chat/ChatLaunchButton widget.


      This will open up the chat window in a separate window and you will be free to navigate between pages on the portal.

    • Steven DaSilva

      We have implemented a popover within an iframe to allow for the chat to be opened up within the webpage. When the user minimizes or moves from page to page, the chat will remain within our web page. It requires modification to several chat widgets like chatServerConnect and chatTranscript.

      • Hanna Page

        Hi there - we are trying to do something very similar.  Were you using the OOTB conditional chat widget and customizing from there? We are having a hard time getting the chat session to stay connected to the same agent when moving between pages.  Any input would be greatly appreciated!

        • Willie Eide


          We released Inlays and there are a number of companies using it today in their production environment. Inlays is both embedded and persistent across pages as long as the same inlay code exists on those pages. You can check out the CX answers and/or documentation on and search on "inlay". While we are still adding features to make it as rich as the current chat widgets, we are releasing every 2-4 weeks and depending on your needs/requirements, we should be able to satisfy your needs OOB. Online documentation will be coming with the next release (which should be later this week) but you can hit the inlay registry at {your CP site}/s/oit/latest and poke around there for the inlays and their attributes.

          • Hanna Page

            Hi Willie!

            Yes - we were attempting to use the Inlays and loved them but it didn't offer us the custom options we would like.  We have a need to be able to pass login information from an outside site, use custom fields, as well as customize the greeting on those Inlays.  We weren't able to do this with the current functionality - or atleast figure out how to - so we were going to try to customize the non-inlay conditional chat widget.