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    Mukesh Ranjan
    Migration from HFM to FCCS
    Topic posted December 6, 2018 by Mukesh Ranjan, tagged Consolidation 
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    Migration from HFM to FCCS
    We have done the migration from HFM to FCCS using EPM Cloud Accelerator.We need to understand the best practice to migrate artifacts such as data forms, rule file, data grids, journals, member lists

    We have checked and found that the data forms need to be redesigned and the rule file needs to be converted to business rules using Essbase scripts. Also, data grids, member lists and journals needs to be redesigned for migration. Currently, we are using Oracle EPM Cloud Accelerator and need to understand if there is any other way to cut down on this manual effort of redesigning for migration.




    • Nancy Ackerman

      I haven't found any was to simplify it as HFM and FCC are 2 consolidation tools but running on totally different platforms.  Pretty sure you just need to re-create things manually...


    • Sarvednya Joshi

      Thanks Nancy Ackerman. I was searching for any tool if oracle has, the way we have for financial reporting.