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    Edgar Martinez
    web service to cancel a sales order
    Topic posted July 25, 2019 by Edgar MartinezRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Order Management, SCM 
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    web service to cancel a sales order
    Quantity error when I try to cancel a line from a sales order

    I am trying to cancel the line of a sales order, for this I am using the WSDL 'orderImportService' with the createOrders operation ... but it gives me the following error:

    "" Quantity for source order schedule 1 with source line number 1 is less than zero. ""

    To generate the Payload, I base on which they share the SR Need Webservice To Cancel Sales Order (Doc ID 2495300.1)

    Attachment screenshot

    Thank you!




    • Girishchandra Darvesh

      Hello Edgar,

      Error message is pretty clear, Please provide unit list price or the unit selling price at order line while submit change order. 

      If still face the same issue check the given doc. referring sample payload for cancel sales order.

      2051640.1 - Using Web Services with Oracle Fusion Order Management Cloud 
      download payloads in xml files in the folder,  Payloads for ReceiveOrderRequest 
      use sample/template cancel_order.xml which is: 




    • Prateek Parasar

      I am trying this. I have got cancel whole order working fine.

      trying to do a change order/update now. I assume its same for update quantity.

      will post sample payload if I get it working (as soon as I get time to try this stuff)