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    Consolidated Opt-in Expiration Features
    Topic posted July 12, 2019 by AshokBlack Diamond: 60,000+ Points, tagged FAQ, Tip 
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    Consolidated Opt-in Expiration Features
    Features whose Opt-in is about to expire by Release Update

    Customers / Support

    I want to draw your attention to a piece of documentation related to Opt-in based features. This document might tend to get overlooked if you are not careful, but will have a lasting impact on how you use the application.

    Please review the link here:

    Steps to get to the link:

    1. Navigate to

    2. Find the entry Cloud Applications

    3. Find the desired application. I selected Procurement  under Enterprise Resource Planning

    4. Click Review New Features in the Whats New section

    5. Click Features with Opt-in Expiration

    Here, you will find listed by release update (19C, 19B, etc.) all features whose Opt-ins are about to expire in that Update. 

    You need to take note of this before you plan to upgrade to the new Update for several reasons:

    a) If you have not yet chosen to adopt a feature via Opt-in, expiration of the Opt-in basically means that this feature will start to apply when you upgrade. You need to have an understanding of the feature and its impact to your business flows before the upgrade happens

    b) Reviewing this ahead of time gives you the opportunity to test these flows and ensure they meet your requirements or reach out to us for clarifications

    We have had a few customers that did not pay attention to this process and were surprised when the new functionality kicked in. This is the same reason why Support ought to also review these in advance and be prepared with ideas on discussing potential customer issues.

    I hope you take a read of these documents. Note that the Opt-in features that are about to expire in 19C is already listed. There are none in this specific application: Self Service Procurement, but I am sure there are others of interest to you that you want to be aware of.