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    Rodian Abel
    Dashboards with adjustable Font size, row height or header...
    Topic posted September 30, 2019 by Rodian AbelRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, last edited September 30, 2019, tagged Dashboards, EPBCS, Forms 
    Dashboards with adjustable Font size, row height or header height
    configuration options to adjust the size of dashboard content (spreadsheets) to eliminate the need for scrolling

    Situation: Customers may consider migration from on-premise Hyperion Planning (classic interface) to PBCS. They are often using composite webforms and are able to see e.g. the content of 3 forms (Actual data last year, Drivers/ adjustments for future plan and resulting plan on 1 screen without the need for scrolling in each of the forms or adjusting the screen resolution of the browser or switching to a larger external monitor.

    When migrating existing solutions to PBCS simplified interface, the user typicially sees less information on the same screen and has to scroll through the data or the administrator has to separate the content onto separate forms/ dashboards.

    Desired solution: we would prefer settings which allow the PBCS Administrator/ Designer to provide more content (spreadsheet data) on a dashboard by

    - adjusting (reducing) the font size

    - adjusting (reducing) the row height

    - adjusting (reducing) the size of the POV/ Header

    It appears that this is currently not possible: "PBCS/EPBCS: Change the Default Font Style and Font Size in the Dashboard (Doc ID 2504965.1)"

    In addition, it is preferable to have an option to allow simultanious scrolling in all forms in a dashboard.

    The current workaround is to use navigation flow and distribute the content to separate tabs which is not satisfying all users as they have to switch between forms several times to compare and adjust data. Kindly ask to review possible solutions.

    Another workaround is to adjust the browser zoom level below 100%, which may cause other sizing issues and is inconvenient when using the browser for mixed business purposes (not exclusively for Oracle EPM/ PBCS)