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    Chris Peckham
    OTM Mobile 1.1
    Topic posted April 4, 2016 by Chris PeckhamRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Cloud, Mobile Apps, Release, Transportation Management 
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    OTM Mobile 1.1
    Availability for OTM Mobile 1.1 is late April

    OTM Cloud customers who want to make use of the OTM Mobile app must use OTM Mobile v1.1.  Several enhancements were made to v1.1 to enable its use in the Cloud, including Single Sign-on (SSO).  Although we are provisioning the first Cloud instances of 6.4.1 this week, please note that the availability of OTM Mobile 1.1 will lag by approximately three weeks.  We expect that OTM Mobile 1.1 will be available on Google Play and the App Store during the week of April 25th.

    Please let us know if you have any questions.



    • Andrea Gattorna

      This is great Chris, thank you.  Are there Doc ID's available to further review the details of OYM Mobile V1.1?


      • Chris Peckham

        Andrea -

        There will be documentation soon.  Development is working on both a Mobile Guide and a MOS note for OTM Mobile 1.1.  Those will be coming soon, along with the app itself. 

        I'll post a message here when everything is available.