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    Prateek Parasar
    Fetch Data from Last run dateAnswered
    Topic posted August 23, 2019 by Prateek ParasarGold Crown: 30,000+ Points, tagged BI Publisher, Fusion Financial reporting, OTBI 
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    Fetch Data from Last run date
    Only get updates and creates after the previous run of the report

    This is something I know can be done in hcm extract but I would like to knoe if at all in finance area or infact in OTBI and BIP is it possible to get the data updated/created after the previous run. It might be possible in BIP by just querying the BI audit tables but are we able to query report history aand also if anyway its possible in OTBI. I would be really keen to know

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    Tom Strudley
    Hi Prateek The following tables will give you access to previously scheduled jobs. There's no way for reports run as hoc FUSION_ORA_ESS.REQUEST_HISTORY FUSION.ESS_REQUEST_HISTORY Thanks Tom