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    Rob Stahly
    BI Scheduled Report Job and Daylight Savings Time
    Topic posted November 6, 2019 by Rob StahlySilver Medal: 2,000+ Points, tagged OBIEE Answers, OTBI, Report Delivery 
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    BI Scheduled Report Job and Daylight Savings Time
    We had a scheduled that ran an hour early after daylight savings time ended

    There is a scheduled report job that runs at 5:30am each wednesday.  With daylight savings time ending this past weekend, the job ran at 4:30am instead of 5:30am.  The schedule was set up to run at 5:30 Eastern Time, but it doesn't say EST/EDT.  I did update the start date to next week in an effort to get it to run back at 530am but wasn't sure if anyone had any advise to ensure that the system runs this at the same time no matter daylight savings time.

    This report is based off of an HCM extract in the system, and that process worked as expected with the daylight savings time change, only BI had the issue.