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    The php_header start tag does not match the end tag
    Topic posted August 2, 2018 by JJ Bronze Crown: 15,000+ Points 
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    The php_header start tag does not match the end tag

    When opening a myriad of reports, workspaces etc, we get the error as shown in the screenshot

    I noticed it mainly happens on reports with custom scripts. I narrowed it down to something being in the custom script - in fact, it's anything at all being in the custom script, even if it's just a whitespace character

    Any ideas?




    • Jess Campbell

      Hi JJ,

      So, these are new reports or are they reports which ran fine until some point?

      Any recent changes to your interface? Which version are you on?

      Have you tried importing a report with a script that is known to work? like this one from Bastiaan:

    • JJ

      Version 18A

      No recent changes as far as I understand - at least nothing that would cause this! They were working fine up a point but we can't recall the exact day it fell over or indeed what could have caused it.

      Absolutely no script works - even standard ones out the box or the most basic of scripts, as I said, with a whitespace

    • JJ

      That script from that link has no custom script....

    • Jess Campbell

      That is odd. I would open a support request. I would also look at the earliest report of the issue and try to correlate it with a patch, configuration, or anything else.


      As for the link, It has a script. I have used it.

      From the recipe:

      Custom Script

      NOTE: Be sure to select “No” during the custom script prompt that occurs during the report import process. This custom script is necessary for this report to function properly.

      Since this is not a PHP lesson the script is functionally described:

      a. This script is a relatively simple script that runs for every row. It checks if the reference number is still the same as the previous row and if it is it will subtract the time of the previous row from the current row, therefore getting the difference in seconds. If it is a new reference number it clears the Duration columns ($rows[0][3] = null;) since the first status change is the created time and there is no duration. Finally it stores the current Reference number and current Time in a global variable, which will be used by the script for the next row, etc…

      b. The question & answer source of the answer are hidden columns as well so they can be picked up by the Custom Script.

    • JJ

      Sorry yes! Ok - the script imported and yes, the report now has an error

      Is there a report to show an audit of config changes?

    • Jess Campbell

      Not that I know of. My team just keeps a list of all changes on our team SharePoint. A support ticket is your best bet.

    • JJ

      Sorted - raised a SR

      Just checked config settings and the last thing to change prior to the issues was that PURGE_QUEUED_REPORT_DAYS was changed from 7 to 1

    • JJ

      Been with support over a week and they haven't a clue either - it's only on 1 interface out the two. Config settings are identical between the two as well.

      I wanted to pass along an update on this issue. We have been able to eliminate the optl_cache as a potential cause based on our testing performed after the optl_cache at the server level was reset. The issue appears to be with the .NET client failing to parse the response from the server when the answer information is returned.
      We have escalated this issue with our development team to further assist in driving this to a root as quickly as possible for you. Our developers have been made aware of the issue and are working to understand why this is occurring. As soon as I have more information I will pass that along right away.