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    Scott Heidenreich
    Model Updates when using Mobile App malfunctions
    Topic posted September 18, 2019 by Scott HeidenreichBronze Trophy: 5,000+ Points 
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    Model Updates when using Mobile App malfunctions
    How does OPA Mobile App manage incomplete interviews when a sync is done and the model is updated?


    I haven't been able to find documentation about this topic - and the answer to this question will inform our mobile model deployment scheduling and communications with our mobile users.

    There are two types of updates that can happen that could affect a mobile model that is downloaded to a device.

    1. The OPA Mobile App is updated to a newer version of OPA (19A to 19B, for example)
    2. The OPA model is updated on the hub.

    I need to understand what impact those two actions have on the data and function of the model on the device, when the device is holding not started or incomplete models.  The reason is that it appears that under certain circumstances, the update of the Mobile App or the update of a model can cause the existing interviews that haven't been synced yet to fail to load into the interview or fail to sync.

    With Contact Checkpoints for 19A models or newer the default is for the model to load whatever data it can from the checkpoint and throw away data that is no longer valid due to the model being updated.

    How does OPA Mobile App handle the existing data for mobile assessments that are synced down to the device but not yet synced back to the hub?  Is there a difference between an assessment that is downloaded but not started and one that is downloaded and partially completed?

    Since syncing the device automatically downloads the latest policy model, this is important to understand.

    Thank you,






    • Chris Flemming

      Hi Scott, thanks for your question. There are a few points I am working on confirming in order to give you a comprehensive response. I will have a response for you tomorrow.


    • Chris Flemming

      Hi Scott,

      Updating the app to a newer version without anything else changing should not result in problems (re)starting an interview or syncing a completed assessment. If this is indeed happening then please provide us with further details and we can investigate.

      When a mobile assessment has been synced down to the device but not started, the data for the assessment is not updated when the associated policy model is updated on the hub. If you make input mapping changes to your policy model this may result in the interview failing to load. It is possible to force the mobile client to redownload the data for an assessment by changing its status in Service Cloud from "In Progress" back to "Open". Note however that this will blow away any input that has been saved for partially completed assessments.

      For a mobile assessment that is partially completed, checkpoints are used to save the interview state and work the same way they do elsewhere. There is an option in policy modeling to allow invalid checkpoints to be resumed: http://documentation.custhelp.com/euf/assets/devdocs/cloud19b/PolicyAutomation/en/Default.htm#Guides/Policy_Modeling_User_Guide/Checkpoints/Allow_invalid_checkpoints_resumed.htm?Highlight=checkpoint

      Completed assessments on the mobile device that have not yet been synced will be unaffected by an update to the policy model.