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    Mark Hamilton
    ODICS Linux Cloud Compute Disk Image - ADW/ATP Dataserver...
    Topic posted August 16, 2019 by Mark HamiltonGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, last edited August 19, 2019, tagged ODI, Provisioning 
    ODICS Linux Cloud Compute Disk Image - ADW/ATP Dataserver Setup
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    I am provisioning a ODICS instance from the Cloud Market Place.

    I have created the compute instance disk image with ODI installed on it on a Linux OS.

    I have created a Autonomous Data warehouse to load data into and connected to this with SQL Developer.

    I wish to create a data server to this ADW in ODI.

    I have created a dynamic group and policies on OCI to allow the compartment with the Linux instance to read the data warehouse.

    i am then entering a URL to setup the ADW/ATP Data server via the webapp UI but I am getting no instances to choose from.

    I am using the Linux instane hostname as the <IP address>

    Please can you help?

    I am using this guide.

    from the section called, Configuring ODI for Autonomous Data Warehouse (Optional).

    Please can you help?

    Kind Regards,


    ODICS from the Cloud Marketplace - Linux OCI Compute Disk Image