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    aqil shaik
    Can we introduce New Products (Manage New Products)...
    Topic posted June 24, 2019 by aqil shaikRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Collections, How-to, Tip, User Experience 
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    Can we introduce New Products (Manage New Products) across Plans or inputs Area?
    NPI functionality



    We are observing that in we are able to open to access the 'manage product launch' within Plans. How can we access the Page from Inputs or across plans? Please provide the navigation. 

    I believe in Demantra, we could introduce new items in the collections so looking for similar functionality in Cloud.






    • Ramesh Choudhary

      Hi Shaik,

      I don't think we can use 'Manage product launch' from plan inputs or from any other place. As you said we will be able to access the page from within the plan.



      • aqil shaik

        Thanks Ramesh.

        Another operational feedback we have is that when the copy of one NPI Item is running in the background, the other users cannot open the Page 'Manage Product launch' . Our users are copying globally a history all orgs and all customers. The copying process is taking more than 1 hr. Our plans take less than 1 hr.

        Trying to simulate this case again- let me know if you faced the similar experience of Unable to Open the Page 'Manage Product Launch' when another copy of Shipment history is running in the background.