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    Ofelia Ladao
    Need Update Dimension Job for PCMCS Integration
    Topic posted October 8, 2019 by Ofelia Ladao 
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    Need Update Dimension Job for PCMCS Integration
    Looking for Alternate Solution to Execute Update Dimension Job using REST API

    We are looking into building a metadata integration process in PCMCS. We found 'Update Dimension' listed in the Application Action dropdown listbox. Is there a way we can store the 'Update Dimension' job in Applications so we can reference it as part of the resource path for web service calls ?

    We cannot use EPM Automate and scripting. 

    Please share your thoughts, ideas and/or recommendation.





    • Don Bean

      Ofelia;  can you explain what the REST api 'Execute Update Dimension' won't allow you to do?

    • Thejas Shetty

      It is unclear from your statement if you want to use REST API or want an alternative to using REST API to update dimensions.

      Please clarify.