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    Marc ***
    Making an Inventory property available in Activity screen
    Topic posted March 22, 2019 by Marc ***Red Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Configuration, Inventory / Parts 
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    Making an Inventory property available in Activity screen
    Making an Inventory property available in Activity screen

    In End activity form, we need to configure a default validation based on an Inventory property. For example in the End activity form a text line will display "Price not added" if a specific is empty.

    The problem is inventory properties are not available in the End activity form. And in my case I cannot use a message step to pass the inventory property value to an activity property because there is no event triggered when the user adds a price in the inventory field.

    19A with Service Update 8



    • Zsolt Tolgyesi

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    • Vi Giout

      Could you explain how you use the inventories? Is that something that needs to be filled during inventory creation or install/deinstall? I am not sure if that could work for your case - I am thinking that if you need to fill it when you install an inventory, you could perhaps set an activity property flag if price is not added. And then use that for the validation on the end activity

      • Marc ***

        Thanks for your comments Vassiliki :)

        The problem is in the install inventory form, activity properties are not available so I can't add one.

    • Martin Plante

      I think you could try working with the inventory service request to post/set property information in the associated activity field.  It is a work around but that worked for me in another situation.  When working in the service request, the associated information domain becomes available to set property in as they are linked with the associated activity.

      Hope this helps or gets you on the right path.



      • Marc ***

        Thanks for the comments Martin :)

        I am not sure I follow what you mean? I am trying to do this in the Application screens (for mobility users). I don't see inventory service requests? I am fairly new at this...