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    Mohamed Abdelwahab
    What does the count point in standard operations mean?
    Topic posted December 31, 2018 by Mohamed AbdelwahabBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, tagged Manufacturing Analytics, Production Execution, Work Execution 
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    What does the count point in standard operations mean?
    What does the count point in standard operations mean?


    What does the count point in standard operations mean?





    • Deepak Padhy

      Hi - The count point checkbox in any Std. operation indicates whether the system will force you to complete the transaction in the system or not. For ex let's say you have 10,20,30,40 operation in the Work definition and physically you are performing all the operation to complete the Work order in your warehouse but in the system you want to jump directly from 10th to 40th Operations. So if that is your requirement then you must uncheck count point checkbox for 20th, 30th operations.

      Having said that there is another checkbox "Automatically Transact".  "Count Point" and "Automatically transact" are Mutually Exclusive. So for 20th, 30th operation you are not enabling Count point then "Automatically Transact" checkbox must be enabled.

      And the First and Last Operation of your Work Definition must be "count point" enabled.



    • Santosh Hibare

      Hi ,

      The count point reduces the manual entry of transaction in review dispatch list with resource and material consumed as per the standard input .



    • Rajeev Rungta


      Count Point are used for  critical, time-intensive, or bottleneck operations which you always perform while executing Job/ Work Order. All work definitions need to have at least one count point and generally last operation is always count point enabled as operations are completed and assembly is stocked.

      Thanks, Rajeev