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    Dev Thota
    Unable to create a receipt in my receipts?
    Topic posted July 8, 2019 by Dev ThotaGold Trophy: 10,000+ Points, tagged Agreement Loader, Approvals, Approvals/Notification, Internal Material Transfer, Inventory Cloud, OTBI, Public Sector, Requisition Import, Requisition Mobile, Requisition Processing, Tip 
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    Unable to create a receipt in my receipts?
    Unable to create a receipt in my receipts?

    Hi all,

    Unable to create a receipt in my receipts?

    PO created through work order(WO).


    Dev Thota.




    • Ashok

      Is there a requisition involved?

    • Ashok

      I assume this has worked before? I have no information to triage this on this chain. I would ask you to log an SR and have them create a forum post with all relevant screenshots. I can't see right away what the issue could be.

      At what stage is this error thrown? 

      I assume you are able to query up the Purchase Order in the My Receipts page and when you select the line and click Receive, is that when the error is displayed?

      • Dev Thota

        Error Message:

        A receiving transaction processor error occurred for the following number of receiving transaction lines: 1.

    • Suman Guha

      Moved from SSP forum.

      Didn't think you could do desktop receiving for non expense purchases. Will let the receiving team confirm.

    • Piyush Bihany

      Hi Dev

      Please check if Subinventory field is blank on the PO which created, against which receiving is performed.

      Since My Receipts only consider the PO Schedules which is having Receipt Routing as Direct Delivery, If the Subinventory field is blank on the PO, while performing the receipts using My Receipts page, the Put Away is done automatically (single step receiving) but since there is no subinventory which is found for the PO schedule, this error is faced.


      Kindly check if a subinventory can be defaulted using Manage Item Transaction defaults in such scenarios.




    • Lynn Warneka

      If this error continues, please log an SR with the replication steps as mentioned previously.