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    Zsolt Tolgyesi
    Collected topic for Core Application in OFSC 18C
    Topic posted August 9, 2018 by Zsolt TolgyesiGold Crown: 30,000+ Points 
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    Collected topic for Core Application in OFSC 18C

    Hi Guys,

    I like to open a new topic related to the Core Application functionality which seems to be not clear and not just for me.
    The documentation isn't has too much information about what is the planned change, which areas are related and what is the future plan about this.

    In short:
    "The new Oracle Field Service Cloud Core Application combines the features of Oracle Field Service Core Manage Cloud Service and Oracle Field Service Mobility Cloud Service."
    The related option in UT is "Use Legacy Manage for Dispatch operations. This functionality is deprecated and is not recommended for new implementations". Be careful to change that! You have a good chance to lose access to Manage.
    Within the UT, Manage tab is changed to "Legacy Manage" and "Mobility tab is changed to "Application screens". Fields with asterisks impacted both screens.

    I found lots of issues related to this "new" interface:
    - it has the view from 18B's Mobility-Manage
      - where isn't Resource Tree
      - Activity colors aren't changeable
      - split view is not possible
      - list view is not possible with the current (OFSC 18B) Manage interface's way
      and so on.

    Any additional information is welcome.


    OFSC 18C



    • Andres Herrera

      Hi Zsolt,

      It is correct your appreciation, also it should be noted that it has several BUGS that affects considerably, example I had problems in the Dispatch Console with see the detail of unscheduled activities and in the quota management connection problems in configuration.

      I take your point to ask, in what way can I indicate to a Group or Bucket that I accept "Use as Capacity Area" I can not manage to establish that configuration, as in the activity detail add the read-only fields that indicate the work aptitude associated with the activity.

      Another question that arises is whether they will remove access in the future by Manage?

      Kind Regars




    • Zsolt Tolgyesi

      Update from 19A Release Notes:
      The ‘Use Legacy Manage for Dispatch operations' setting in the “Access settings” section of User Types was
      deprecated in the 18C (August 2018) release and is not recommended for new implementations. Customers are
      advised to move to Core Application. The removal of Legacy Manage for Dispatch operations is planned for the
      20A (February 2020) release.

      Do I miss something and we just need to spend some time to configure Core to make it like Manage now?

    • Zsolt Tolgyesi

      Related Idea is
      and we got feedback from Mike there. The current plan is to make Core as competitive/identical to Legacy as possible until 20A.

    • Vi Giout

      We cannot use the Activity Resource property (pid) on the Activity Details page? I am using application screens for the Dispatcher and I am wondering.. Lets say the Dispatcher searches for an activity and navigates to the Activity Details page. How will the Dispatcher be able to see to whom the activity was assigned to?

      Other things I have noticed is that 

      • Vi Giout

        I see on version 19B: 


        In the Activity details screen, the resource name and date of scheduled activity appear on the header. However, the resource name does not appear if the user is looking at their own Activity details.