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    Mayela de la Vega Duque
    Change security post FCCS
    Topic posted September 13, 2019 by Mayela de la Vega DuqueRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Journals, Security 
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    Change security post FCCS
    User cant post journals, only create

    Hi everyone, Does anyone knows if it's possible in FCCS, restrict post permissions?
    I need that the analyst can create a journal, but only the supervisor can post it

    Thanks in  advance 



    • Krishnan Venkatachalam

      Normally you would expect the PUH setup to address this but no go with FCCS. The tool naturally does not let the person who creates it to approve a journal. We use that to our benefit here.

      What we did here was to block everyone from posting Journals (using dimensional security) and then open it up specifically. Of course we significantly control our topsides in FCCS due to the work involved with security locking.