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    Huyen Nguyen
    Intercompany Billing Project - Materials Treatment
    Topic posted July 28, 2018 by Huyen NguyenGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, tagged Project Management 
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    Intercompany Billing Project - Materials Treatment
    Intercompany Billing Project - Materials Treatment

    Dear All,

    Can you give me a favor? I am preparing global project case. It means intercompany billing project. But I am having one concern related to materials issuing from inventory to project.

    I don’t know how system to act on this case of legal of receiving project and legal of sending materials are different. System will also generate intercompany invoice or not? If yes, can u help me to explain about how system will generate intercompany invoice ?

    Thanks in advance,




    • Perry Unrau

      Miscellaneous issues from inventory to projects should create expenditure items in Project Costing that result in an intercompany invoice between the provider and receiver if there is an intercompany contract between the provider and receiver, the intercompany contract line is assigned to a bill plan with an Invoice Method Classification that is rate-based, and for your specific case, the provider legal entity is different than the receiver legal entity.  Running the Identify Cross Charge Transactions process should identify all such expenditure items as intercompany billable and then running Generate Invoice with a Billing Type of Intercompany should generate the intercompany invoice.