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    Sanjit Biswas
    No Data Was Retrieved
    Topic posted January 1, 2019 by Sanjit BiswasGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, tagged Global Order Promising, Order Management 
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    No Data Was Retrieved
    Onhand exists for the item in 001 warehouse. But while entering an SO for the item, receiving the "No Data Was Retrived" message

    See this in the oracle docs"Order Management cannot communicate with the fulfillment systems for some reason,probably because the Global Order Promising server is not running,a communication problem exists in the network,or the order administrator has not set up availability rules for the item. For details,ask your order administrator. " 

    This is for a new item. What progs to run after MR for the item is done.

    Even for existing items in the system, although there is sufficient onhand, but getting error as"Out of Stock"

    Please advise what is missed.

    Also if possible can anyone please share the list of steps in details in sequence so that we can troubleshoot from the checklist.







    • Shashank Shinde

      Hi Sanjit,


      Please run "Collect Planning Data" with source system as "OPS" and collection type as "Targeted". Select "Items" in reference data.

      Once the item is collected properly setup sourcing and ATP rules for this item.

      Run "Refresh and Start the Order Promising Server" for Items, ATP rules, sourcing.

      This should help.




      • Sanjit Biswas

        Hi Shashank,

        Any ready reference? There is sufficient on-hand quantity for the items. I have submitted "Refresh and Start the Order Promising Server" for all parameters. The item availability on the SO is still displaying "No Data Was Retrieved" for new items. For old items with OHQ, still shows "Out of Stock".



    • Sanjit Biswas

      I followed the same in sequence.

      But still facing the same.

    • Pradip Mishra

      Do you have ATP rule defined for the item or organization?  Please not, define one , run GOP refresh for ATP rule and try again. 



      • Sanjit Biswas

        Hi Pradip,

        1.Yes there is ATP rule defined for the item.

        2. Yes there is a sourcing rule defined for the item(I think this has nothing to do with SO Onhand)

        3.Ran GOP refresh(for all parameters and plans)

        Navigate to SO entering the line items. Same case. Not yet fixed.