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    Paul Mallon
    Sales Order Discount Line
    Topic posted August 6, 2018 by Paul Mallon, tagged Order Management, SCM, Supply Chain Financial Orchestration 
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    Sales Order Discount Line
    Is it possible to add a sales order "Discount" line or apply a discount at the order level?

    We have a need to structure a sales order with individual product lines and unit prices, but then show a single "discount" or "deduction" line with a negative (credited) amount.  Is there any way to structure this in Oracle Cloud Order Management (Release 13)? 



    • Sunil Dabekar

      Hi Paul,


      One way to do this is by having a dedicated Item termed as 'Total Discounts' (say) and then ensure it has a different pricing charge definition such that it will get any discounts applied to it.

      Ensure that the item is set with a unity negative value (say -1 USD)

      Ensure it has Manual price override enabled.

      It is better to have this item maintained as non-inventory (item attribute) 

      This item with said set up should be reflected in all price lists used in the system where the discounts are needed.

      Post this ,you can then explicitly add this item in sales order line.

      This is a simple approach to address your requirement.

      However the downside to this is - one needs to manually calculate all possible discounts and add its total value in each sales order as needed.

      Eg. If the total discounts to be given was 300 USD then you would 

      On the flip-side,it saves you from maintaining different discounting rules.


      Also, in this approach one needs to be mindful while taking the RMA into account such that the items have got correctly apportioned the discounts that was originally provided onto the outbound sales order.