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    Graham Oliver
    Cannot edit rulesAnswered
    Topic posted October 24, 2018 by Graham Oliver 
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    Cannot edit rules
    Cannot edit rules

    I've tried installing versions 18A/B and C of the Policy Modeller and each time tried with 'Run as Administrator' option. Whenever I click on a rules document to edit the rules the document options and I can see the rules ribbon but every time I click on the Rules wizard or try and save I see the message 'The document project needs to be open in Oracle Policy Modelling'.

    I've created a shortcut to the Policy Modeller and changed the advanced properties on this to run as Administrator but the issue still persists. A colleagues installation runs as expected.

    Any help or guidance appreciated.



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    Graham Oliver

    Resolved this issue now. It appears that the machine needs a reboot after installation to clear this issue.