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    Rajmohan Krishnamoorthy
    Connection Timeout in REST adapter
    Topic posted June 12, 2018 by Rajmohan KrishnamoorthyRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Adapters, Connection, Database, Integration, REST 
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    Connection Timeout in REST adapter

    Hi, I have a use case where I have to insert the data from BI report into the database. I have exposed the data insertion as REST service using ORDS. In some cases, the data coming from the report is high which results in the following error, 'An error occurred even before the REST endpoint could be invoked.[[ Unexpected end of file from server'. Is there any way to overcome this issue without limiting the data? Can someone please help me with this?



    • Ravi Sankaran


      how is the flow modelled?

      Are you using SOAP Adapter to call the SOAP API for downloading the BI Report as an attachment to ICS; and using Stage File Action- read operation to iteratively read the records using for .. each action?

      can you send the integration flow please?

    • Ravi Sankaran


      Did you get a chance to work on this issue?

      Please do send the integration flow that would help us to help you