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    William McLarty
    Using events for Project Billing
    Topic posted October 19, 2016 by William McLartyGold Medal: 3,500+ Points, tagged Project Management, Public Sector 
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    Using events for Project Billing
    Use events like milestones for project billing / payment management

    Does anyone have documentation or how to document on how to set up events, enable for a billing amount ( e.g. a milestone with a payoff of $25,000 when complete) and the process steps for creating the invoices / payments.



    • Rohan Lobo

      William, Please refer to the R11 Cloud Documentation on Using Project Revenue and Billing. Chapter 3 contains several help topics involving billing events.


    • Hiten Makwana

      You need to configure 'event type' to say whether you want them only for revenue or only for invoice or for both.

      We should have amount based 'Revenue method' and 'Invoice method'.

      There should be Contract with these amount based Invoice and revenue method.

      Create an Event of the respective amount.

      Run Revenue Recognition and Generate Invoice programs.

      In Grants world, we use this process to capture advance received on a project/grant.

      Let me know if above is clear or if it needs more clarifications.


      • Federico Samyn Dowie

        Hi Hiten, 

        We are also planning to use events to reflect cash upfront received on a grant. Would you share the details on how the event needs to be configured to generate the accounting of cash received from Projects? 



        • Perry Unrau

          Currently, billing events are NOT SLA sources for AR invoice accounting.  One possible workaround would be for users to enter a specific value for an invoice line DFF, which is then used in SLA Account Rules in AR to derive the desired natural account for advances.  Supporting additional project and contract SLA sources for AR invoice accounting is on Project Billing's product roadmap, but I can't speak for the Receivables product team.



    • Hiten Makwana

      Above is for just financial management. Project Milestone tracking requires 'Project Execution Management'.