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    Jean-Pierre Dijcks
    Now Available: BDA 4.13.0 is now available for download
    Topic posted September 21, 2018 by Jean-Pierre DijcksSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points, tagged Big Data Appliance, Hadoop, Spark, Zeppelin 
    Now Available: BDA 4.13.0 is now available for download
    Availability of the latest Mammoth bundle

    Hi all,

    You can now find the latest Mammoth bundles for BDA 4.13 on our My Oracle Support site. Bundles for OL7 (new clusters only) and OL6 (upgrades for OL6 based systems) are available. This release is based on Cloudera Enterprise 5.15 (CDH 5.15.1 & Cloudera Manager 5.15.1) as well as Oracle NoSQL Database 18.1.11.

    Oracle Big Data Appliance 4.13.0 includes the following new features:

    • Oracle Big Data Manager now Supports Active Directory Kerberos and External MIT Kerberos Key Distribution Centers - Oracle Big Data Manager is a browser-based tool that gives you broad capabilities to manage data across your enterprise. You can use it to connect to and interconnect a range of supported Oracle and non-Oracle data storage providers, including Oracle Object Store, Hadoop, S3, and GitHub. You can also move data internally within HDFS, do data import/export/backup and analytics with Apache Zeppelin, and import data into Hive tables. It has been included since BDA Mammoth v4.12.0 .
    • Active Directory Kerberos Configuration on Oracle BDA no Longer Requires an SSL Certificate - In this release of Oracle Big Data Appliance, both the Mammoth installer and the bdacli enable ad_kerberos command enable AD Kerberos without the need for an SSL certificate. AD Kerberos can be enabled whether /opt/oracle/BDAMammoth/active_directory.cer is present or not . Customers have the option to add an AD Kerberos SSL certificate. Both SHA-1 and SHA-2 are supported.
    • SHA-2 Supported for Security Certificates Used with SSL - Oracle Big Data Appliance now supports SHA-2 (specifically, the SHA256, SHA384 and SHA512 Cryptographic Hash Algorithms) for signing SSL certificates.
    • Kafka Clusters are now Extensible - Kafka clusters are now extensible. This feature was not available in Oracle Big Data Appliance 4.12. The ."mammoth -e" command is used to extend both CDH and Kafka clusters.
    • New Disk Configuration Utility - There is a new bdaconfiguredisk disk configuration utility. Currently it can be used to display a summary of disk states, clear an unexpected disk state and reprovision a replaced data disk.
    • Disk Shredding for Secure Node Decommissioning - The bdasecureerasenode utility securely erases all data partitions on the node where it is executed. This utility is based on shred command from the GNU Core Utilities.

    The latest documentation for this release is here.

    Let us know if there are any questions.


    BDA 4.13, CDH 5.15.1