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    Subbarao Medicharla
    Creation of Categories and Catalogs in Procurement Cloud...
    Topic posted June 23, 2017 by Subbarao MedicharlaBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, tagged Manage Procurement Catalog 
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    Creation of Categories and Catalogs in Procurement Cloud Release 12
    Creation of Categories and Catalogs in Procurement Cloud Release 12

    My client is implementing Procurement Cloud R12 from E-Buisness Suite R12 version.


    I would like to know how do we create categories ( Categories are KFFwhich is a combination of 3 segments) and how do we assign them to catalogs.


    And also, is there any difference between Procurement categories and   item categories which are defined in R12?

    Is there any templates available to upload categories into the System?





    • Arijit Pramanik

      The Catalog which is available on the Self Service Procurement screen is the Browsing Catalog. The browsing catalog can be created in Setup and Maintenance -> Manage Catalog Category Hierarchy. We can add/import item categories to the leaf level of the browsing category. In the browsing catalog there is also a provision to load and edit using spreadsheets.

    • MShrini

      Thanks for the update.  Could you please provide the path in R12.


      • Anurag Priyadarshi

        In Release 12  the creation of Catalog and Category structure has been simplified by eliminating the needs of creation  of key flexfields ,Catalog KFFs have been deprecated from R12. Category Code field replaces KFFs with a single free form field.

        Please refer Product_Hub_Catalog_Management  Release 12 Readiness  Training Handout for Configuration details.






      I am trying to create Item Category flex field in R13 using document ID (how to Create Catalog Key FlexField (KFF) from Release 12 onward? (Doc ID 2239677.1)) but i couldn't able to find exact navigation. Could you please help me to provide navigation including offering to create item category flexfield. I have tried to find in multiple offerings.




    • Ashok


      It appears you are referring to a different feature related to Categories used in PIM (Inventory Management). Please post this on that forum. Here is a link to that forum.

      I am certain they will provide the requisite guidance.