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    Chetan Ullal
    Create Catalog with Items that carry Negative Pricing for...
    Topic posted May 29, 2018 by Chetan UllalGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, tagged Agreements, How-To, Public Sector 
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    Create Catalog with Items that carry Negative Pricing for options


    We have a business scenario where we have contracts with items that have options that have negative pricing. This allows a requester to substitute an option with a lower priced one and effectively change the price of the item to be purchased. We have tried to use the CTO Blanket Agreement to define the configuration and the options with negative prices. But we are not able to generate the requisition of this CTO BPA and select the options required. How can this scenario be acheived using Self Service Procurement and Purchasing? Below is the business case of a contract with pricing we are trying to model.

    VEH-001   TANDEM AXLE CHASSIS, Minimum 60,000 GVWR with 14' Dump Body Hydraulics,                                    $120,000

    VEH-OPT001A DEDUCT:  Fuller 13 Speed Model RTLO-12913A OR RTLO-14913A In lieu of Allison Automatic             -$7000

    VEH-OPT001B DEDUCT: manual transmission in lieu of Allison Automatic                                                                         -$6500

    VEH-OPT001C  Parts CD-ROM For Chassis and Engine                                                                                                      $300

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    • Manjula Evans

      Hi Chetan,

      You cannot use self service procurement to create requisitions for configured items. Those types of purchases are created using the Purchase Request Web Service and are considered to be 'externally managed'. There is some collateral available in the help center (for Release 11) that describes the CTO process.

      Kind regards,