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    Piyush Bihany
    Oracle Fusion Purchasing License - Permissible Roles...
    Topic posted July 24, 2019 by Piyush BihanyGold Medal: 3,500+ Points, tagged Fusion, Security, Setup 
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    Oracle Fusion Purchasing License - Permissible Roles Assignment

    Our client is live on Oracle Purchase Cloud and got licenses for B69717 - Oracle Fusion Purchasing Cloud Service - Hosted Name User.

    As per our understanding, to grant any user, access to create and view PO, Buyer role needs to be assigned and the same user needs to be created a Procurement Agent under the respective BU.

    However, we have few users from Accounts Payables team, who wants to review the Purchase Order (only view) while navigating and searching under Purchasing UI.

    We have following questions:

    1) Does "Buyer" role assignment determines the consumption of B69717 - Oracle Fusion Purchasing Cloud Service - Hosted Name User license?

    2) If not, how should one ensure that the B69717 - Oracle Fusion Purchasing Cloud Service - Hosted Name User license is not over consumed/assigned to more users, than the licenses purchased.

    3) We have an option of creating a custom role, having View Only privileges to Purchase Order (Manage Purchase Order screen). If we are assigning the custom view only role to the users, will this be accounted as consumption of B69717 - Oracle Fusion Purchasing Cloud Service - Hosted Name User license?


    Let me know if any more details are required on this post.

    Thanks in Advance :)



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    • Nitin Katare

      1. Current Functionality: You are correct in that you would need to assign the Purchasing Cloud Service subscription to anyone needing to access the Purchasing Work Area. The members of the Account Payables team that need to view purchase orders would also need to have the Purchasing Cloud subscriptions.

      2. Development is in the process of introducing capabilities to allow casual users view only access to some aspects of the purchasing work area. More details will be shared once we have progressed in the design. The tentative plan is to allow for such a capability in the next 12 months roadmap (safe harbor applies and is subject to change)

    • Piyush Bihany

      Hi Nitin


      Thanks for the update.

      I will have this posted under Ideas to get this under radar and traction.

      On the similar, is is necessary to assign Purchasing Cloud Service subscription to user who needs to view Data Related to PO, using OTBI (Procurement - Real Time Subject Area) & BIP Reports?

      Please advice