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    John Tolmachoff
    Support for Project Procurement
    Topic posted August 7, 2019 by John TolmachoffRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Agreements, Create Requisition, Manage Procurement Catalog, Payables, Requisition Processing 
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    Support for Project Procurement
    Reaching out to understand if the the EBS functionality titled Project Procurement is available in the Cloud ERP or is on the roadmap?

    For reference, this is the link to comparable Project Procurement functionality in EBS.  https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E26401_01/doc.122/e79124/toc.htm

    To clarify, this has nothing to do with a financial plan, costing or accounting.  It is a pure execution plan that ties to together everything from the Requisition, Sourcing, Contracting and Transactional Procurement from a Buyer POV.  It shows allows them to plan when they need to start a sourcing negotiation, complete the award and contracting by a certain date, create and release PO's, etc.  Purely execution based.  





    • Suman Guha

      There isn't anything planned in the procurement product backlog around this at this time.

      • John Tolmachoff

        Suman - Thank you.  If this changes, please let me know.  In the meantime, I will be working with my client on crafting a solution/workaround for this.  If I can get their agreement, we will share a draft.  

        A bit of background driving this request.  They are a capital intensive business who has projects scaling from larger, requiring Primavera, to smaller one's, where the client is looking to manage certain elements of the procurement organization scheduling.  For example, when to start a sourcing negotiation, contracting, etc.  Exactly that supported through EBS Project Procurement.  I also have other clients with this same need.  

        Regards, JT

    • Nitin Katare

      Hi John

      Have you evaluated the integration that exists between Sourcing Cloud and Project Execution Cloud? I do realize this is in the context of a sourcing negotiation, but you could potentially model various sub-tasks and encompass these into an overall Sourcing Negotiation and have it embedded within the Project Plan in Project Execution Cloud. It may seem of an overkill though.


      • John Tolmachoff

        Yeah I did.  It this is a part of the nucleus of the solution.  We'll expanded the same concept to all the other transactions.  The real effort is the reporting/visibility layer that needs to sit on top of this.  Right now it will purely provide visibility and notifications.  In the future we'd like to add the ability to drill back to the source transaction or form to start a new transaction.