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    David Ocampo
    Access 2010 and RightNow Connect
    Topic posted February 8, 2012 by David OcampoRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, last edited February 10, 2012 
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    Access 2010 and RightNow Connect

    Has anyone ever used Access to retrieve information from RightNow? We currently export data to Access for a variety of reasons and I thought that it would be easier to simply connect to RightNow and retrieve this info.

    Any help is appreciated!



    • Ryan McCullough


      I believe the only way to use Access to retrieve data from RN is using ODBC. According to, ODBC has been deprecated as of 12/31/2011.

      Are you asking for an alternative to using ODBC to retrieve data from RN into MS Access?

    • David Ocampo


      Thanks for the info. According to Technet, Access 2010 can

      Connect to a Web service as an external data source

      You can now connect to a Web service as an external data source. You will need a Web service definition file provided by the Web service administrator. After you install the definition file, you can link to Web service data as a linked table.


      I thought I could use the Connect API to retrieve data.

    • Ryan McCullough

      I wasn't aware that MS Access 2010 has this ability. You can try it, but I have reservations about this working due to the polymorphism used in the CWSS WSDL.