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    Passing Activity Group ID in Outbound Message
    Topic posted January 19, 2018 by Todd Bronze Medal: 1,250+ Points 
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    Passing Activity Group ID in Outbound Message

    We have successfully integrated and passing all activity info back to our upstream system.  However, we have use cases where our mobile resources will be creating either Internal or Customer type of activities in the field and need the ability to pass those respective ID's for Customer (which is -1) and Internal (which is -2) to identify which type of activity it is in order to continue our business flow.  Passing the actual Activity ID is not a problem but just couldn't find the property or how to pass the ID for the Activity Group.

    Thanks for the help.



    • Zsolt Tolgyesi

      Hi Todd,

      I propose to send "activity_worktype" or "activity_worktype_id" back and make a substitute table or make your rules based on the worktype and not by Group ID.