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    Mike Lairson
    Re-usable Formulas / Virtual Columns
    Topic posted November 9, 2017 by Mike LairsonRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Dashboard, Infolets, Sales, Tip 
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    Re-usable Formulas / Virtual Columns
    Looking for ideas for reducing maintenance requirements for reports using the same formulas

    Greetings all. I maintain a library of well over 1k reports in CRMOD that I will be rebuilding in OSC over the next several months. I have several lengthy CASE statements in many of these reports that I have to routinely maintain as things frequently change. This means I am making the same change to the same formula dozens of times across dozens of reports. I am looking for suggestions for reducing the effort it takes to make these changes.  It would be really awesome if I could write the formula in one place and reference it from reports (much like we use a saved filter).  I do not believe such "virtual column" functionality is available currently. It would be great if I could update the formula in one place and it automatically update for all of the reports referencing the formula.  Perhaps this would make a good enhancement request?  So far, the best available solution I have come up with is keeping a library of text files that I can copy and paste from, but this still requires that I manually update (and somehow remember) all of the reports that use the formula that has changed.  I welcome any ideas or suggestions that you think would make my life easier.  Thanks!



    • Hitesh Patel

      Thanks Mike for your post.
      We value suggestions and ideas like yours, and use them to determine new directions for our product roadmap. 

      Do you think you can post this on idea lab for Sales Cloud?
      This way you can also get auto updates on the actions/responses to your idea submitted.

      Thank you for your contributions to the forums, and for being an active member of our customer community.
      We appreciate your feedback, and hope you continue to post ideas, questions and comments.



    • Rupak Chowdhury

      Hi Hitesh, 

      Could you please check with Mike if the saved calculated items / measure & global variable as described in the attached document is what he is looking for.


    • Mike Lairson

      Thanks Rupak!  I had figured this out on my own a while ago, but I appreciate your following up on it. I am using Global Variables extensively and find them better suited for my purposes than the saved calculation/column.