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    Jaco Van der Gaag
    Send reminders for RFI / RFQ
    Topic posted July 10, 2018 by Jaco Van der GaagRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Negotiation Creation, Negotiation Management, Notifications, Sourcing Programs 
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    Send reminders for RFI / RFQ
    Send reminders for RFI / RFQ to suppliers

    Would it be possible to send somehow reminders to the suppliers about outstanding RFI / RFQ's? We know we can send messages to the suppliers when opening the RFQ / RFQ from the sourcing page, but we are looking for some automated way. For instance when we have invited certain suppliers, but they didn't respond to our RFQ for like 7 days, we would like to send an automated reminder through email.




    • Swami Amajala

      There is no out of box feature to send reminders requesting suppliers to acknowledge negotiation participation. Documentation suggests that acknowledgment by supplier is not a requirement for participation.


      Acknowledge Participation

      What happens if I acknowledge my intent to participate in a negotiation?

      Acknowledging your intent to participate in a negotiation only notifies the buyer company that you are interested in responding to the negotiation. Acknowledgment does not obligate future participation, nor is it required to participate.

    • Poornima Bhilegaonkar

      Currently, 2 reminder emails are automatically sent to the suppliers if they do not accept or decline the negotiation invitation or submit a response within a certain period of time, determined by a 'due date' on the notification. When the reminder email is triggered will depend on how long the negotiation is going to be open.

      • Abdul Karim OMAR

        We also have the same issue Supplier receives reminder notification to RFQ while they have already responded before due date. Please let me know if have the solution or what triggers the second notification. This will help us a lot.