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    Saravanan R
    Copy DFF values from Agreement into PO
    Topic posted October 17, 2019 by Saravanan RGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, tagged Agreements, How-To 
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    Copy DFF values from Agreement into PO
    Copy DFF values from Agreement into PO


    We have a requirement to copy the DFF values that are entered in an Agreement (either Blanket or Contract) to a Purchase Order, when touch less buying is enabled (Automatic sourcing & automatic generate Orders are enabled in agreement).

    While there are profile options to copy DFF values from Requisition to PO, but there doesn't seem anything to be available to copy DFF values from agreement to PO.

    Please suggest.

    Best regards,

    Saravanan R



    • Manavalan Ethirajan


      We don't copy agreement DFF to PO. Would like to understand the business need to copy agreement DFF to PO  (In other  words, what kind of information is required to be copied from Agreement DFF to PO). 'Copy Requisition DFF to PO' is useful in case of Account Derivation. If it is to communicate to the supplier, then the BIP Data model/CMK can be customized accordingly.





      • Saravanan R

        Hello Manav,

        Thanks for the update. Whenever an agreement is made with the supplier, certain information are captured in DFF in the agreement. For eg., Risk classification..Also, the agreement controls are set as automatic sourcing and automatic order creation. So, the expectation is whenever a new requisition is created referring to this agreement, a PO is auto created and it should contain the same DFF values that was set in the agreement. The PO document needs to have the risk classification value same as that of it parent agreement in this case.

        If business need to work on the PO after auto creation by setting up the DFF value again, it is redundant for them and the term touch less buying or automatic order creation is useless or not helping them. By automatic order creation, business doesn't want to even review the PO, as the agreement is already in place and the requisition will go through all necessary approvals required.

        Best regards,

        Saravanan R