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    Markku Wächter
    Supported way of running long scripts - vnc or screen?
    Topic posted December 31, 2018 by Markku Wächter, last edited March 11, 2019 by Arijit ChakrabortyBronze Trophy: 5,000+ Points, tagged Exadata 
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    Supported way of running long scripts - vnc or screen?
    Need for no-frills way of running long scripts on ExaCS

    I have a large database and the data is already copied into the cloud but I need to execute long operations in order to get it into the right container. If I'd like to execute a rman restore or other long running script on the exadata compute node, what options do I have when connected into the compute node by putty? Vncserver would be ok if not overkill, Linux screen would be sufficient so that I can launch a command and later check how it is progressing. Is installing those on the ExaCS supported and if so, from what repository?

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    • Brian Spendolini

      From google:

      Keeping SSH connections alive
      • Start PuTTY.
      • Load your connection session.
      • In the Category pane, click Connection.
      • Under Sending of null packets to keep session active, in the Seconds between keepalives, type 240. ...
      • In the Category pane, click Session.
      • Click Save.
      • Connect to your account and monitor the connection.
    • Robin Chatterjee

      basically any addtional packages you install will be considered to be customizations and ideally you need to remove them before try to patch the db node os . That being said apart from the core packages which include the kernel infiniband etc other packages can be downloaded from the correct equivalent oracle linux channel and installed. So you can enable the appropriate OEl 6.x or 7.x channel and install the screen rpm.