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    Phil Nibert
    Issues with Oracle report Cash to General Ledger...
    Topic posted July 25, 2019 by Phil NibertRed Ribbon: 250+ Points 
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    Issues with Oracle report Cash to General Ledger Reconciliation Report
    Oracle report is missing GL data for the bank accounts we have.

    Has anyone had issues with the following Oracle standard report?

    Cash to General Ledger Reconciliation Report

    When we run the report it omits GL data from our bank accounts.


    Oracle Cloud Financials 19B



    • Logan Wacker

      What specifically is it omitting? Is it certain sources of journals? Or specific transactions?

      • Phil Nibert

        Thanks Logan,

        One item that I have noticed - if you run the report at a later date than the time period for the report it appears to show uncleared checks as of today and not as of the report date.

        Example - we went live on Janaury - We ran the report from Jan to June for a bank account hoping to show outstanding checks and other items as of June 30 but it appears to be showing outstanding checks as of the day the report is run (July 24).

        We have some other differences - will add these later.

        Thanks, Phil


        • Logan Wacker

          I've seen this example issue myself. If I remember correctly, we resolved the issue thru changing the reports supporting DM to point toward transaction date and not produce a system date.

    • Phil Nibert

      Thanks Logan - working on some examples to include.

    • Sudhakara Rao Kovuru
      Hi Phil,
      Seeded "Cash to General Ledger Reconciliation Report"  have very few details (mentioned below screenshot ) shows in report. you might need to customize if need some more details?
      • Phil Nibert

        Thanks Sudha

        As a workaround we have set up an excel based recon process where we pull the GL transactional data for the bank account and also pull the reconciled data for the bank account from the cash management manual recon screen in excel and then use pivots and look-ups to compare the two sets of data - it's a very cumbersome process. 

        Also, the standard Cash to GL report appears to be showing outstanding items as of the date the report is run and not using the to from parameters in the report.

        Will probably have to write a custom report as you suggested.

        Thanks, Phil