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    Jenny Singleton
    Unwanted Chat Customer !!Answered
    Topic posted July 7, 2014 by Jenny SingletonGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, tagged Chat 
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    Unwanted Chat Customer !!


    We have a contact who keeps requesting standard chats (via a mobile) multiple times a day but never engages. (over 165 chats in a 4 week period!)

    We have tried emailing her, but she doesn't respond, so we had no option but to block her. However, due to this our service levels are being severely affected because although she never engages her chats are still requested.

    In the Chat Audit report the chat termination event for this contacts chats show as ‘Transferred to Queue’ (event 6). Can anyone suggest a way to exclude this chat termination event into this following expression;

    sum(if(date_diff(chats.first_engaged,chats.requested) < $service_level, 1, 0))/if(count(*)>0, count(*), 1)

    Also is there anyway we could block her from actually requesting a chat?

    Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.





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    Dan Haynes

    Hi Jenny,

    The easiest way would probably be to write a chat rule that simply terminates the chat request if the contact email address matches.