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    Anand DN
    OTBI Reporting for Financials Cloud - Tips and Techniques
    Topic posted January 25, 2017 by Anand DNBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, last edited July 19, 2019 by Mizuru AsadaBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points, tagged Fusion Financial reporting, OTBI, Reports 
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    OTBI Reporting for Financials Cloud - Tips and Techniques
    Aimed at report builders, the white paper addresses frequently asked questions in OTBI reporting for the Financials Cloud. It also includes tips to enhance report performance and other useful topics.



    • Julie Stringfellow

      Really useful. Mnay thanks

    • Renuka Nuguru

      Very nice document

    • Neil Peacock

      This is quite useful, I wish we had this when we started out reporting.

      The cross subject areas analysis does not work for the first example but it is a good starting point, thanks for sharing it.

    • Neil Peacock


      If anybody is struggling to get the cross subject analysis example 1: Invoice, Payment, Hold, and Installment to work, add in Hold Count as a value from Invoice Hold Details in the Payables Invoices - Holds Real Time. This was covered in the referenced document :Fusion Applications OTBI: Guidelines for creating cross subject area analyses in Oracle Transactional BI (OTBI) (Doc ID 1567672.1). However I assumed that the white paper would have followed the guidance from the supporting document in its examples.





    • Mizuru Asada

      Uploaded new version Mar 2017 - Added Ragged Hierarchies.

    • Mizuru Asada

      Uploaded new version January 2018 - Minor update:

      - Fixed page numbers in the Table of Contents.

      - Added a note for "Apps Local Currency Code" for newer versions.

      - Added recommended filters for General Ledger - Transactional Balances Real Time.

    • Mizuru Asada

      Uploaded new version October 2018 - Minor update:

      - Updated "1. What are the common reasons that reports created from the ‘General Ledger – Balance Real Time’ subject area fail?" to clarify required attributes and filters.

    • Mizuru Asada

      Uploaded new version January 2019:

      - Added a troubleshooting tip for tree filter performance issues.

    • Jairo Rojas Mendez


    • Renuka Nuguru


      I came across an issue where Adj period name data not showing in the report where Time >> Accounting period name was used in the report.

      Could you please review below given considerations and update the note accordingly

      As per the Recommendation section, we see required filters for this subject area is as given below

      General Ledger – Journals Real Time
      » Ledger - Ledger Name
      » Time - Accounting Period Name
      » Natural Account Segment - Natural Account Segment

      Report worked once we add the accounting period name from the Journal header folder, instead of time folder >> accounting period name
      Time folder is applicable to all the subject areas, Adjustments period names are applicable to only finance journals related subject area. The design of the General Ledger - Journal Real Time subject area contains journal related accounting period data not in Time dimension.

      Replaced Time >> Accounting Period Name
      ("General Ledger - Journals Real Time"."Time"."Fiscal Period")

      With below columns, based on the level of data pulling in your report, use one of the accounting period name either from Journal Header or Header Details folder

      Journal Line Details >> Journal Line Details >> Accounting Period Name
      "General Ledger - Journals Real Time"."- Journal Line Details"."Accounting Period Name"


      Header Details folder - Accounting Period Name
      "General Ledger - Journals Real Time"."- Header Details"."Period Name"



    • Mizuru Asada

      Uploaded new version July 2019:

      - Added a-2 for fixing setup errors for BI extension.

      - Added 9. Account Hierarchies are only exposed in General Ledger – Balances Real Time Subject Area. How can I display parent nodes in other subject areas?.