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    Rebeca Farias
    Accounting Period Close Exceptions Dashboard
    Topic posted January 30, 2019 by Rebeca Farias, tagged Fusion Project reporting, OTBI, Reports, Sample Reports 
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    Accounting Period Close Exceptions Dashboard
    Sample dashboard that gives you an overview of your accounting period close exceptions

    The attached sample dashboard gives you an overview of your accounting period close exceptions, on the top of the overview page you can see the total number of pending transactions and its related amounts. The transaction amounts are grouped by unaccounted or unprocessed transactions or grouped by expenditure or revenue transactions. You can use the drill down capability to see transaction details.

    The overview page also brings two sections where you can see the transactions that are pending to be processed and the transactions that failed to be processed because of errors. The error messages are displayed along with the transactions, so you can easily identify the cause of the issue.



    On the detail tab, you can see the pending transactions by project, by project managers or by the source. Use the dashboard filters to select transactions by business units, period and type of exception.


    To add this dashboard to your environment:

    1. Save the catalog to a local folder

    2. Unarchive it to the OTBI web catalog under Shared Folders - Custom - Projects *

    3. In the folder called ''Period Close Exceptions Dashboard", open the dashboard called "Accounting Period Close Exceptions Dashboard"

    (*) In case that the "Projects"' folder doesn't exist under "Custom" folder, please manually add it.

    Fusion Applications:

    Subject area used: Projects - Period Close Exceptions

    5 minutes to copy into your environment.