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    Laura Spinelli
    Add radio buttom column to report widget
    Topic posted August 2, 2019 by Laura SpinelliRed Ribbon: 250+ Points 
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    Add radio buttom column to report widget

    Hello guys,

    I would like to add a column with radio buttons to a report that I am displaying on customer portal. I am currently usign the report widget, (reports/Grid) to display the report and I can't figure out how to customize it to add this extra column. 

    I have attached an image that is the result I expect. 

    Any ideas?





    • Daniel Rocha

      The reports/Grid widget, is tied to a report created in the Agent Desktop throught the report_id attribute. So, to add extra columns just add it there and it will appear in the Portal.

      If you really need something that cannot be added throught the report in the Agent Desktop, then you can add it to the data array like this:

      1. Extend the reports/Grid widget
      2. In the controller loop throught the data that came back from the database and add the column you need there. More especifically, take a look at the property in $this->data['tableData']['data']. It is an array with the data from the report in the exact same order it was created in the Agent Desktop. There is another one with just the headers that you might need to modify too.
      3. If you have enough data to generate pagination, then you will probably need to modify the logic.js and the dataTable.ejs too and add this extra column in the same array there.