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    Defining Cube Generations that reflect in OAC Reporting or...
    Topic posted March 20, 2018 by Ruthvik Silver Medal: 2,000+ Points, last edited August 1, 2018 by Arijit ChakrabortyBronze Trophy: 5,000+ Points, tagged Reporting 
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    Defining Cube Generations that reflect in OAC Reporting or BI ADMIN Tool
    Defining Cube Generations that reflect in OAC Reporting or BI ADMIN Tool



    I was just wondering on how to define a Cube Generation for multiple hierarchies in Essbase Cloud where we have a Cube Generations worksheet.


    Let's say I have a Dimension called Cost Center -->Child A -->Child AA (Stored)

                                                                                  -->Child B --> Child ABA --> Child AA (Shared).


    In the above example, Generation 2 has both Child A and Child B. How can I name these two parents differently as I would like to pull this accordingly in OAC VA or BI ADMIN Tool.

    Also Gen 3 has both Level 0 Chilld AA and Level 1 Child ABA. How to view them differently in OAC VA or BI ADMIN Tool?


    I'm currently not able to define different names for same generation. The Admin Document said we cannot define two different names for same generation. If so, when we have multiple hierarchies within a dimension how can we see them differently in BI Admin Tool?


    Please Advise,



    • Phulsebosch


      Essbase supports ragged hierarchies and alternate hierarchies.

      Then, it is not always possible to name hierarchies in a clean way. It is a conceptional issue.

      You can reduce the functionality provided, if you need the generation names consistent.


      Philip Hulsebosch

    • Ruthvik

      Thank you for taking your time to reply for this question.

      I do see that the Essbase allows the functionality of having Alternate Hierarchies but then when defining it in OAC reporting or BI Admin tool, it's getting tricky to pull the right members. Also, there is a only one way of defining Generations in Essbase. We cannot name Cross Generation and Level names like G2,L0 as one name like that.

      Just wanted to get inputs from Guru's in here and looks like not many people faced this issue.

      I would try this in my BI Admin tool to create hierarchies and map them accordingly.