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    Colin Cheung
    Mysql upgrade to 5.7
    Topic posted August 1, 2018 by Colin Cheung 
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    Mysql upgrade to 5.7

    Hello, I know that starting Feb 2018, Oracle is recommending to migrate to MySQL 5.7. So when MySQL 5.1 will be end of support in Oracle Service Cloud?

    Thanks, Colin

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    • Nate Hossner, Oracle

      Hi Colin,

      Oracle is responsible for scheduling, communicating, and executing the MySQL 5.1 to 5.7 migrations for each of our customers' sites. This will be a months-long migration process on a site-by-site basis. You will receive a notification in the coming weeks or months when it is time for your site(s) to migrate. So long as you continue to stay on a supported Service Cloud release and participate in the MySQL migration when your time comes, there is no concern about being left unsupported.

      There are more details about the MySQL 5.7 migration here.

      • Saju Kumar

        Hi Nate,

        Will it be impact customer portal customization as we are using ROQL in few places?