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    Deepika Nathany
    Supplier Communication on RFQ
    Topic posted May 24, 2019 by Deepika NathanySilver Medal: 2,000+ Points, tagged Negotiation Creation, Negotiation Management, Sourcing Programs 
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    Supplier Communication on RFQ
    Supplier Contact is not sent the email

    When I Create a new RFQ - add suppliers -- I add a supplier contact.

    The email is provided for the Supplier contact.

    However submitting this RFQ -- only sends email to the additional email that I add onto the negotiation.

    It does not send email to the Supplier contact. 

    Am I missing something?



    • Deepika Nathany

      Any inputs pls ?

    • Poornima Bhilegaonkar

      Hi Deepika, does this contact have a user account? Could you please try setting up a user account and check if the supplier gets the email?




      • Deepika Nathany

        Right now we dont have a user account as we are not using Supplier Portal.

        I shall check with creating a user account n share the result.




      • Deepika Nathany

        Hi Poornima,

         Thanks for your input.

        I tried after having a user account for that supplier.

        There was still no notification to the email id specified in the contact.

        Pls note this is a prospective supplier and the communications to supplier profile is turned on.

        Kindly advise.

        • Poornima Bhilegaonkar

          I suggest creating a service request and have the support team assist. Note that currently, invitations are sent to supplier contacts that have user accounts. There is an enhancement planned to also send the email to supplier contacts without a user account as long as they have an email address on the profile. However, right now - the workaround is to use the additional email to send the invitation.