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    Ashley McCormick
    Printing from OFSC
    Topic posted November 8, 2019 by Ashley McCormick, tagged API / Integration, Configuration, Dispatch Functionally, Mobility / Mobile Apps 
    Printing from OFSC
    Looking to get feedback from customers that print, and how they are successfully getting OFSC data to the printed material.

    I'm currently working on an OFSC implementation and as part of our delinquency process, my organization prints tags (4X8in) showing balance due for each customer in order for them to restore service.  We are a state-based organization that is required to print these tags- not printing is not an option.

    The implementer I'm working with hasn't worked with customers that print and referred me to this forum, along with some information to read for plug-in configuration.  We have been told the printing will function via a plug in, but I'm looking for some preliminary feedback. With as broad as OFSC is, there has to be folks that are printing.  We suspect we won't be able to print directly from the browser and we'll need a middle man application (like Bartender) to take the data from OFSC and put it into a 4x8in format.  

    If there is anyone out there that is printing information from OFSC?  What is your set up and experience with it?

    OFSC Release 19D