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    S Miller
    How well does the invoice imaging OCR work for your company?Answered
    Topic posted June 26, 2017 by S MillerRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, last edited January 30, 2019, tagged Invoice Imaging, Payables 
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    How well does the invoice imaging OCR work for your company?
    We are not presently using the invoice imaging OCR (for various reasons), but are considering it again. Before time & energy is spent to get it up and running, how well does it work for your co?

    What percent of invoices don't need AP user involvement?

    How often do fields get picked up incorrectly?

    When fields get picked up incorrectly, does the invoice generate errors when the AP user attempts to correct?

    Thank you!

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    Virginia Baez-Ponce

    We have been using it for over a year with no issues at all! it has saved us a lot of time



    • Alexey Shtrakhov

      Cannot give statistics from my side based on production and do not want to publish here only test results on Test data. 
      Have you anyway checked this document: Oracle Integrated Invoice Imaging Troubleshooting Guide for Cloud Customers (Doc ID 2022320.1)

      It answers quite many questions in a way, that you can apply those answers on your own case, e.g. related to supplier recognition.

      With respect

    • Manish Sinha

      My client is using Oracle Integrated Invoice Imaging Solution for Non PO based invoice and below are my comments:

      1. Scan Invoice not read the line information. As per oracle, its bug which is expected to get fix in Release 16. So, the user need to enter line description every time

      2. It checks the address mention at the top 25% and bottom 15% of the invoice image to pick the supplier and site combination. 

                  - If the invoice has no address in top 25 % or bottom 15%, then it either leave the supplier name as blank or it picks any random supplier

                  - Sometimes it picks the wrong supplier, if 2-3 supplier address are very similar. 

      3. You will observe difference between Import Payable Invoice run and Invoice creation time (Bug: 25462465 - INVOICE IMAGING INVOICE CREATION TIME SHOULD BE IN LOCAL TIMEZONE)

      4. You need to scan the invoice and supporting document with a specific page format provided by Oracle in between invoice and supporting document to stop AIP to read support document as an Invoice information.

      5. Sometimes Supplier name not appears in edit invoice even if it is appearing in Invoice dashboard

      6. We observed earlier that AIP stop importing scanned invoice and then we need to raise SR to fix it. But, we have not observed this from couple of months

      7. Oracle has done some enhancements like installing PDF Box, introducing new report to audit scanned invoices, etc and it really helped us a lot.

      8. It works well if you have one Business Unit. If you have more than one Business Unit, then you need to send all the scan invoices to a particular subject (which is org id of BU) to scan the invoice to the correct BU. In our case, we have one BU now, so some of our regular supplier sends the invoice soft copy directly to the email, which reducing scanning time.



      • John Reilly

        Can I ask where you found documentation on the "It checks the address mention at the top 25% and bottom 15%"? We are experiencing issues and this may be the cause. I do not see any documents in Oracle Support. Thank you. 

        • Manish Sinha

          Hi John,


          I got this reply from Oracle support engineer for one of my SR.

          I am attaching the screen shot.



    • Virginia Baez-Ponce

      We have been using it for over a year with no issues at all! it has saved us a lot of time

      • Manish Sinha

        Good to hear :)

      • Angelo Cretella

        Can you provide some stats around how many invoices you are processing and how many distribution sets you have?  

        • John Gunja


          We are about to start our cloud journey and very keen on hearing the response on this.

          We have multiple BUs and each BU has multiple LEs. Our payables is centralized for all BUs and we receive around 1000(mail+email) invoices a day.

          Any feedback/suggestion is much appreciated.Thanks.

    • Arun Ramachandran

      Hello All,

      We are looking to collaborate to see if there are any MED to Large Companies out there using OCR.  I would be happy to get you connected with our Payroll Manger to discuss specifics.

    • Jon Kelly

      I know this isn't a very recent post, but thought I'd share our experience. We went live July 2017 with imaging in place for PO invoices. We ran into an issue where import was not consistent and only about 20% of documents came through. Worked with support to resolve, but stopped using imaging for several weeks until it was resolved. The entire AP staff felt it was as fast (or faster) to simply enter the invoices and attach the image rather than going through the import process. The import issue was resolved, but we never went back to it. It took more time to correct all the missing/incorrect information than simply entering it manually. 


    • Jayaganesh Alagirisamy

      Hi Folks,

      I have a issue like where the Invoice Number itself in not being recognized. However there are few handwritten data. Did that cause the issue? Please help.