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    Arpan C
    Dropship Sales Order Conversion
    Topic posted November 12, 2018 by Arpan CGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, tagged Order Management, SCM, Supply Chain Orchestration 
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    Dropship Sales Order Conversion
    Whats the best approach to convert open Dropship sales order from legacy


    Can someone provide a quick best practice steps to convert open Dropship Sales order when the sales order is in various statuses, like Order created but with no PO, Created with PO etc.. 




    • Pankaj Arora

      What do you mean by legacy? Are you referring to EBS Order Management? Also, what do you mean by "convert"? Convert to what? Please elaborate on exactly what you are trying to do.

      • Arpan C

        From EBS 11i to Cloud OM. There will be large number of open dropship SOs that will not be in received from Suppliers. We came up with an approach but wanted to hear what others are doing and whats the best practice to bring thme over in the correct orchestration status.

    • Sunil Dabekar

      Hi Arpan,

      For Cut-over handling of Drop-ship orders ,one of the ways that I can think of is

      1. Consider to load open order Lines of such orders Only.

      2. Isolating these order lines in a  'Drop-ship Org' would help so that no one would then ship them ''accidentally'' considering that you say the numbers are at large

      3. Create a stand alone PO for open lines that are not fulfilled yet

      4. Once the Shipments are done by Supplier then perform a 'ship-confirm' of such sales order referred in point # 2.

      Although elaborate approach but will it might help in smoother cut-over and can prove to be flexible if there were any data loaded incorrectly (just in case). 

      In short,its a lengthy but less risky approach.

      Once this is migrated, ensure that the Sourcing rule and assignment sets are back to where they belong- ie., 'Buy-from' the drop-ship supplier.

      I hope this helps. Would like to know what is the approach that you guys have chalked-out at this point of time to handle this situation.




      • Arpan C

        Thx Sunil! We are planning same thing in addition to saving the connected informatuon in a dff. I was hoping there was an out of the box way where we can just load the open Dropship so as Dropship So and the orchestration just takes over and we do not have to convertt the corresponding POs. I guess thats not possible ?

    • Sunil Dabekar

      I liked the EFF idea.

      When you just migrate the open sales orders and get the Drop-Ship requisitions created ,it will then need to be converted into a PO from system itself.

      Hence you will loose the original PO number from EBS/Legacy. 

      And considering that the client may have already placed the PO to the suppler with a specific PO number and T & Cs attached to it, then changing it to a new PO may not be an advisable thing (My personal take) . Please check once if you want to take that route.

      • Arpan C

        Totally agree and understand. Just because of the volume we are trying to think different and see where we can reduce the noise during cutover provided we can jump the hoops for the new po number. Else now we have to convert the PO’s, receive PO’s and ship against it manually which the Warehouse folks are not willing to do when actual shipment happens in future. And if they forget, the on hand will continue to show in Inv valuation. It’s just too much of governance that will be required in the interim until they are closed. But technically you are saying its possible them to covert them as open drop ship SO’s ?

    • Sunil Dabekar

      I understand your concern.

      What I meant to say is : if you load an order that was meant to be drop-shipped, upon its submission it will go ahead and create the requisition anyway.

      Which then needs to be converted to a PO.

      This PO created will have a system derived sequence and not the one which exists in EBS/Legacy.

      Which can be an issue (You need to check with Client on its consensus) 

      Also, When you create multiple requisitions you can associate it to an existing PO. But to what extent this can be done via FBDI/ Webservices is something that you may want to check with procurement experts. If this is doable ,then the above stated issue of having system created PO can be averted and you can append /add the requisitions to legacy numbered PO (in this approach, you may need to test if we can load only the PO headers and not the lines -with correct PO numbers,Since the lines need to be added from the requisitions originating from the DS orders)